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Before BODZii, I was lost.

by Jozefine

Before working with BODZii I was feeling lost. Really unsure of where to go in my journey and also feeling unsure about myself. Robyn is able to give clarity and confidence that you're on the right track by focusing on basic habits that we all seem to neglect.

I thought it was impossible, now I know I can achieve a healthier lifestyle


I thought this would be another diet program that failed me. But focusing on small sustainable changes has led me to lose 20lbs and accept myself. I've learned that I can accomplish anything.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome To The Simplest Weight Loss Journey Ever!

    • Download Your Tracker!

  • 2


    • Want to read along? Download the text PDF.

    • Sleep Science: What Happens When We Sleep (or DON'T!)

    • Sleep & Hormones: How Sleep Affects Our Hormones & Can Cause Weight Gain

    • Sleep & Creating Routines: Let's Create Sleep Routines And Drive

    • Sleep & Recovery: Using Sleep To Age Gracefully

    • Go Track Your Sleep!

    • Take Your Sleep Quiz (There are no wrong answers 🙂)

  • 3


    • Want To Read Along? Download the text PDF.

    • Hydration Science: Understanding Our Body

    • Creating Hydration Balance

    • How Much Water Do We Actually Need?

    • Best Practises To Stay Well Hydrated

    • Go Track Your Water! 💧

    • Test Your Hydration Levels! (There are no wrong answers. 🙂)

  • 4


    • Want to read along? Download the Stress text PDF

    • Stress Science: What's Happening When We're Stressed Out?

    • Stress & Hormones: How Stress Affects Weight Fluctuation

    • How To Manage Stress Or Live Stress Free

    • Check-in Time!

    • Go Track Your Stress!🧠

    • Test Your Stress! (There are no wrong answers! 🙂)

  • 5


    • Exercise Science: Understanding Our Body During Exercise

    • What workout is best for weight loss?

    • Getting in the right Mindset for Exercise

    • BONUS* - Building A Workout

    • Next Steps - Track Your Movement

    • Test Your Movement

  • 6


    • Calories & Macronutrients: Understanding Energy Balance And Body Composition

    • Choosing Foods For Health vs. Weight Loss

    • Using Food To Heal: Blood Sugar, Inflammation

    • Protein: The Muscle Macro

    • Next Steps - Track Your Food

    • Test Your Food

  • 7

    What's Next?

    • Your Most Common Questions

    • Getting More Help

About Your Coach

Hi! My name is Robyn and I'm going to be coaching you through this 5-step, easy-to-implement journey. You're in good hands, I promise. I'm the Founder and CEO of BODZii, a 10-year coach (CrossFit, swimming, nutrition) and a published author.

But that fluff doesn't matter as much as what I'm about to say...

My mission is to make healthy living simple, easy to understand and easy to implement. Every day I see women who are suffering from fatigue and burnout from years of trying to lose weight. It's likely left you fed up and frustrated. And who can blame you!? The overwhelm and conflicting information is only getting worse. 

In this course, I'll be teaching you all about the five most important things in your health and weight loss journey. And we'll dive deep into each one to help you better understand the role they play in your busy life. 

I know these things to be effective because I've followed this exact formula for the last five years and built a following of 230,000 people by talking about it so often. I even wrote a book about it. 

I'm thrilled to be taking you along this amazing, healthy and happy ride. I'll see you in the course!